About Us

Michael Lenny, Owner

Everything I make is custom made to order allowing for flexibility when it comes to a customer needs, preferences and aesthetic choices. The beauty of a custom-made piece is that it allows for adjustment of all the variables; the type of wood use, the dimensions, the omission or addition of a certain feature, the stain and type of finish, and the kind of hardware used.

I advocate the return to handwork, to straightforward honest craftsmanship. Simple virtues of study, contemplation, and appreciation of nature are at the heart of the craftsman lifestyles—qualities beautifully expressed in Lilliput Designs cabinetry.

There are many stores in town selling quality pieces of furniture and cabinetry, but you may have to look long and hard to find exactly what you want. With custom built cabinetry you don’t have to make any compromises, as you have complete control over all the variables involved.

So, whatever your creative woodworking needs or desires are call me for a free consultation and juggling of ideas. You are assured a friendly personal service and quality work.

Michael Lenny
303-665-5414, office

1370 Miners Drive, #109
Lafayette, CO 80026